a beautiful backyard remodel including new pool , new interlocking pavers exterior paint fire pit , new patio and outdoor kitchen .

Thanks NRG !
I selected NRG Builders Inc after talking to a handful of vendors because of their willingness to get into details and their wonderful design eye. I first talked with NRG’s Rami for a kitchen and inside floor renovation.. once I realized it would be way over my budget what exactly I wanted... where Rami was one of the few vendors to explain why it would cost the way he quoted, while all others just simply stated they could do it with no detail, I appreciated this leve of detail and consideration and asked if NRG can do backyards instead. Here Rami introduced me to Leo and from the beginning I liked his design ideas for the back. We agreed and off we went. From the beginning, Both Leo and Rami were involved from beginning to end and boy did they stick with their quote. A couple times they approached me with design changes that were so large it had to add onto the initial quote, but at the same time, there were many more times that if it was a slight adjustment and the fact I was understanding about the larger changes, they did not nitpick with me and just got the job done. This is what I liked and appreciate most about them. A great design eye, up front about large changes, no nitpicking, and amazing quality of the job done. M In the end, I have more space in my backyard, all pavers, a custom island to fit a 40” gas grill and 24 inch charcoal smoking egg, and a customs fire pit that matches then poured concrete and stackstone on the island. Just beautiful. Thanks NRG!

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