Transform Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

Because the bathroom is such an important space in every home, it is important that it is both aesthetically pleasing to look at and functional. That’s where our bathroom remodeling services come into play. Regardless of weather you're in need of updating the fixtures in your bathroom and and making them more current or you want to transform your bathroom into the modern spa you have always wanted, you can count on us to step in and get the project taken care of promptly and professionally for you.

Save Money and Get the Space You Desire

Because we can handle all the different aspects of bathroom remodeling, you don’t have to hire multiple contractors to come out and get the job done for you. It is our goal to provide you with maximum convenience and help you save money. When working with our team at NRG Builders you are always in control of the design you want and just how much you want to spend. We work with you to help you come up with a solution that gives you the outcome you're desiring while coming in within your budget and without having to compromise on quality of work along the way.

Going Green in Your Remodel

Also, when hiring us to do the job, one of the perks is that you can go green at the same time that we're remodeling your bathroom. There are excellent opportunities to not only saving on your water bill but also helping the environment by installing low-flow shower heads and a new more efficient toilets. You can easily get a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly bathroom by making a few simple adjustments during the bathroom remodel. When working with us not only will you benefit from a great bathroom space and the amenities it offers, you will also be able to rest assured that you are giving back to the planet at the same time. 


Kitchen Remodeling Los Angeles? The Kitchen as we know it is the heart of our home: The need for a place to gather as food is being prepared is an important part of our lives. At NRG Builders Inc we are dedicated to have you welcome family and friend into your kitchen by creating a comfortable setting for all your needs.
Kitchen Remodeling los angeles design today focuses on cooking and storage as well as on the entertainment aspect of it. In many kitchens, people park them-selves around the work area, leaning on counter tops and cabinets that offer a good place to perch. In other kitchens, there’s peninsula or island with two or three bar stools that provides a place to sit down. For gathering places to be successful, they must be designed to keep the distance between all functions to a reasonable minimum, therefore communication between cook and kitchen visitor should be taken in mind when designing your kitchen.
Storage solutions must be incorporated in today kitchen’s design as it return your attention to preparing delicious meal while keeping counter tops free of clutter, incorporating lazy susans and roll- out trays in your kitchen’s cabinetry will give you the easy access to small appliances while other storage solutions will free up your counter top and will give you a well designed kitchen that answers all aspects.

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